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Collaboration Over Competition

We can go further together! 

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Collaboration Over Competition serves as a business resource to bring positive exposure, networking opportunities, and support to women business owners. The organization identifies women professionals and entrepreneurs across a multitude of industries; connecting them to business mentors within the Collaboration Over Competition network.

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Terri Couser

I highly recommend COC! COC has become a movement of intelligent, successful, gifted, and giving individuals truly focused on networking and building together for impact! The COC team hosts a ton of informative and valuable events plus they constantly share beneficial resources to help folks get to the NEXT level. If you stay plugged in and participate, you will have tangible RESULTS as an outcome of partnering with COC! Get started now!

Chardae Davis

I would give this organization 10 out of 10 stars. Since joining I’ve been introduced to so many phenomenal women of different interests and industries! I was warmly welcomed to the platform and feel it’s a true space for collaboration and support! There are few groups where everyone genuinely cheers everyone on. Collaborations Over Competition is one! When I want to get advice I look for to reading up COC’s content and sharing with the other members. COC has definitely also become a space to share my knowledge so that it may be of use to others. Thanks to the COC, my network is full of resources!

LVonne McMillian

Collaboration over Competition they encourage your vision and provide you with resources that will enhance your business. Thank you for this platform and bringing a positive network experience for women.

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